Monday, January 30, 2012

Something as eaten my daffodils?

can someone tell me if anything as eaten my daffodils as it

looks like thay have been and its happend just before the

flower came out thanks

Something as eaten my daffodils?
I've had alot eaten this spring, by slugs. They didn't get a hard winter to thin their numbers, and the mild weather has them out earlier than normal. They've eaten alot of my buds, before they opened up.

Look for telltale marks from the offenders - slugs leave a shiny slime trail, that can last for a few days. Otherwise, it could be insects, or larger animals, such as mammals.

Good luck! Rob
Reply:to prevent ant creature form eating them in the future ,just sprinkle Cayenne/ hot pepper seasoning ,around the planting.

once the animails tatse that , they won't be back.
Reply:It was me ,I'm sorry you found my secret shame, spank me
Reply:Nature's hooligans....snails. The bug gers just got all my rock melon seedlings.
Reply:Either an insect or rabbits.
Reply:Any large hoofed animal, like the Donkey who lives next door to my friend however fluffy little bunnies (good eating) could be public enemy No1 in your case. Prepare a pie dish with some nice veg then get the little buggers.
Reply:sorry, i was really hungary. and nothing beats fresh daffodils!! little mustard on them... mmm mmm!! good eats!
Reply:Squirrels are the culprit.
Reply:rabbits or slugs
Reply:a very common question ,everybody loves daffodills

horses ,racoons,squirrels,deer,rabbits,rats ,cows and so on

what lives near you that is included
Reply:Possibly rabbits, moles, or deer.

Did you have a hard freeze after the bloom formed? If you did, this may have caused the bloom to drop off.

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